Buffalo Chicken Dip

This website is for all my fellow buf chic dip lovers <3

I love all dips, but Buffalo Chicken ranks far above the rest!!!

My qualifications:

I have been sampling recipes since I was 10-years old. That gives me 9 years of practice in the ring. Some may even say that I am an expert. I don't know if I would go that far, but I am definetly qualified to speak on the deliciousnous of buffalo chicken dip. I surveyed a random sample of Notre Dame Students, (definitely not some of my closest friends) and asked if I seemed like a good judge of dips. These were their responses:

  1. "You are the smartest person I know, of couse I would trust you"
  2. "You seem like someone who would never lie"
  3. "I don't know you, but you look like you have tasted some good dips in your life"

I would love to share with everyone my favorite recipe!

It is SUPER simple!
Here is a link to my favorite hotsauce

(I promise it is really yummy!)

Here are the Ingredients:

  1. Cooked Chicken
  2. Cream Cheese
  3. Hot Sauce
  4. Ranch Dressing
  5. Blue Cheese Crumbles

Ingredient Measurements:

Cooked Chicken2 Cups
Cream Cheese8 Ounces
Hot Sauce1/2 Cup
Ranch Dressing1/2 Cup
Blue Cheese Crumbles1/2 Cup

You may be wondering just why I am so passionate about Buffalo Chicken Dip...

The answer is quite simple... It is Delicious. It is the only dip that doubles as a meal! It is perfect for any occasion; football games, movie nights, birthday parties, New Years Eve, Chirstmas, and even in class! It has the perfect amount of spice that is balanced out with the creaminess of the cream cheese. You get all of the flavor of the hot sauce without the burn! Buffalo chicken dip is also a great source of protein! That means that it will keep you full and will help you grow big ol' muscles.